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Are Hash Browns Bad For You? Know The Expert Opinion

Hash Brown is one of the most delicious breakfast foods for Americans and Europeans. Its fans can’t think about starting the day with any food other than this delight. Hash browns can be bought from stores, or you can also make them by yourself at home. 

But despite their popularity, nutritionists still suggest not to include them in daily diet plans. Shocked to read this? 

Are hash browns bad for you?

Hash browns are not very beneficial to health. I know they taste great, but they are not nutritious. That is why nutritionists recommend going for other healthy breakfast alternatives.

Want to know are there any health benefits of this snack? Then keep reading.

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Why are Hash Browns Bad For You? Know The Reasons

Hash brown is not considered a nutritious food. It is not rich in protein and fiber, so you again feel hungry after some time of eating it. 

Wondering, How many calories are in hash browns?

The 100 gram of hash brown contains around 320 to 370 calories, depending on how you are cooking it. 

But that’s not the worst part. 


The sodium in Hash browns is high, which can cause many health complications. High sodium levels can lead to dehydration, nighttime bloating or gas, high blood pressure, and hypertension.

Similarly, fat content is also more in the hash brown. Hence, eating more hash brown patties can clog the arteries with harmful fat. If you continue to eat them in large quantities, then heart attack can also occur.

To avoid this, we recommend you cook hash browns at home. Homemade hash browns are healthy because you can control the sodium and fat content.

Store-bought hash brown will definitely have more sodium and fat. Want to know how to cook hash browns? We are describing it later. 

Are Frozen Hash Browns Unhealthy?

Frozen hash browns are unhealthy because of more carbs. But people love them because It is fairly easy to cook them. Put frozen hash brown patties in the griddle and heat for 5 to 8 minutes. That’s it. You have ready-to-eat hash browns on the plate. 

Want to know frozen hash brown calories? One patty of frozen hash brown has 143 calories and 180 mg of sodium. Moreover, the fiber and protein content is 1.2 and 2.1-gram respectively. So, you should only follow healthy recipes with frozen hash browns.

So, is hashbrown bad only? Nope. It also has a beneficial side. 

Are Hash Browns Healthy In Any Way? 

Are hash browns good for you as well? 

As hash brown is made from potatoes, there are still some health benefits. Potatoes are a rich source of carbohydrates that provide fuel to do routine work. Moreover, minerals and vitamins (B & C) are also there. 

People also ask, do hash browns have protein? Well, here is a complete 100g Hashbrown nutritional value:

Total Fat22g
Sodium520 mg
Potassium360 mg
Calcium1% of RDI

One question related to this is, Are hash browns fattening? Let’s find out. 

Are Hash Browns Good For Weight Loss? 

Hash browns do not make you slimmer. The fiber and protein content is low in the food, so it is not helpful in increasing metabolism and burning calories. 

Contrarily, the calories, carbs, and sodium content can worsen health. Potatoes contain starch, which can increase glucose levels in the blood. If not used, glucose is stored in the body as a fat cell. 

A sigh of relief is that if you cook the hash browns in the right way, then it won’t at least cause weight gain. 

For example, if you cook hash browns with olive oil, then it will be healthy. Olive oil is great as it contains more unsaturated fat than trans fat. Moreover, this oil is rich in antioxidants that strengthen immunity. 

Are Hash Browns Good for Diabetics? 

Those with diabetes want to know whether they can eat their favorite potato breakfast or not. Well, we have bad news. Diabetics should not eat hash browns because of the high starch content in the patties. Their glucose levels will rise if they eat hash browns, and health complications can arise due to this. 

The great news is that you can decrease harmful components to some extent if you cook hash browns the right way.

Want to know the best way to cook hash browns? The next part is for you. 

How Is Hash Brown Made? The Best Way To Cook Healthiest Hash Browns

People prefer to eat store-bought hash browns instead of making them at home from scratch. Well, I don’t blame them because it is convenient to cook them. 

However, if you want these potato patties to be healthy, then you have to make a sacrifice. Not of money, but of your time. You should cook hash browns yourself and add everything in the right amounts. 

Now, it’s time for you to know the healthiest way to cook hash brown

  • Start by shredding the potatoes and season them with spices and salt. 
  • Next, add egg and flour to it.
  • After that, chop up some onions.
  • Cook them together, and the healthiest and low-fat hash brown is ready. Well, it is not possible to make fat-free hash brown patties. This is the best we have got. 

That is how to make low-calorie hash browns. 

We suggest you add a little oil as possible during the cooking. Don’t deep-fry the potatoes if you want them to be healthier. Similarly, watch how much salt you are adding during the cooking. 

Wondering, What do you eat hash browns with? You can eat them with corned beef, bacon, beef, or make a sandwich with them. 

People also add them to pizza, in nachos, and in burritos


Question: How often can I eat hash brown?

Answer: Eating lots of hash brown regularly can increase glucose, fat, and sodium levels in the blood. So, eating them every day is not good for you. We recommend you cook hash brown patties at home following the healthiest ways. Eat them once or twice a week. 

Question: Is hash brown processed food?

Answer: Yes, hash brown is processed. This processing increases the calories and sodium content. Moreover, the flavoring and preservatives added during the processing also make the food harmful.

Question: Are McDonald’s hash browns vegan?

Answer: No, hash browns from Mcdonald’s are not for vegans. They are not just potatoes. They contain beef flavoring and also some dairy products.  

Final Words

So, are hash browns bad for you? 

Hash browns are not as nutritious as healthy food should be. The fiber and protein are low in the patties. So, our body does not extract many benefits from it. 

Contrarily, the sodium and fat content is more in hash brown patties. Both of these can worsen health by increasing blood pressure, hypertension, disruption in smooth blood flow, and chances of a heart attack. 

For hash browns to stay healthy, you should make them at home with less salt and beneficial oil like olive oil. Cook by following the method described above and live healthily.

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