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6 Easiest Ways To Build Abs Without Flexing

Getting abs is not an easy task. It takes months of dedication and discipline. Even when you get abs, they aren’t always visible. This is because genetics play a very crucial role here. Also, different people have different sorts of abs. So don’t compare your abs with anyone. Especially those movie stars. Because there are a lot of editing and camera tricks at play there. 

Genetic factors are out of your hands. And so many have the opinion that getting visible abs without flexing is perplexing. But not impossible. You need to invest a lot of time and effort in this. Here, you will get a detailed view of how to get abs even without flexing. 

man and woman working out to build abs without flexing
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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How to get visible abs With No Flexing?

There are two most important things you have to achieve to get those visible abs. 

  • First, lowering the body fat percentage by 10 to 12 percent. 
  • Secondly, by applying some few tricks. 

Lowering body Fat 

First of all, let me tell you one unfortunate truth. That is, you can have the best-looking abs while flexing your muscles after months of hard work. 

However, if your fat percentage is above 10 to 12 percent, there is no way in hell they will pop out naturally. This is something I have learned the hard way. 

Now there are typical ways you can achieve that. 

  • Strict Dieting 
  • Regular and proper workout 

Strict Dieting 

What you intake is what you show. You need to keep in mind that you can’t just only shred away the fat from your abdominal area. You have to target your whole body- strip fats away from all around to get that refined look. 

The leaner you become, the less fat percentage you have. 

The only effective way here is to maintain a strict diet. Controlling the food habit does the 60 percent weight loss work.  You need to burn more than you consume daily. 

The effective way to lose the overall body mass is to stick to a diet that keeps the blood sugar low. This will make sure that your insulin level stays low. 

There are few specialized mainstream diets that you can follow. We have ketogenic, intermittent fasting, low carb, Atkins, ultra low fat, Dukan diet. These famous food restriction mechanisms have one thing in common; they suction in a high protein intake system.

You should consume about 40 percent of protein daily to get lean muscles. 

To tip the snow, all these crash diets help restrict your carbohydrate and sugar consumptions. So that your body can use fat as the energy source. The fat addition and subtraction roughly depend on how much carbohydrate you incorporate into your food habit. 

The more carbohydrate you consume, the less fat you need. That is to say, gradually limiting carbohydrates is the ideal choice here. 

However, if you are following a low carb or high-fat diet, something like Atkins or keto, you are already consuming little to no carb at all. 

You can check youtube and different blogs to make a food list of your own. We advise you to consult with your doctor before starting any food restriction. However, this is a must. Without doing so, you can not get abs, especially without flexing. For a visible result, you have to lower your body fat to a significantly low level. 

low carb diet is a great way to get abs without flexing
Photo by Jenna Hamra from Pexels

Now that said level depends on the amount and place of your body’s fat storage. This is a highly genetic factor. Some people’s fat stores in their hands, some in their legs, and others in the abdominal section. If you are one of those unlucky people who store their fat in the midsection, you have to lower the level pretty low. 

One key point here is consistency. No matter what diet you follow, you can not maintain it halfway. To get abs without flexing, you need dedication. You can not just follow the food chart 70 percent of the time and cheat the rest. 

It’s all or nothing, my friend.

You need to push yourself. Remember! A 100 percent result requires100 percent effort. Stick to the diet for at least two months to see any result. 

Once you reach a point where you are satisfied, all you have to do is maintain it. And maintaining is a whole lot easier than shredding. 


The second thing you must follow is the correct workout pattern. The right kind and amount of workouts will make your abs bulkier and pop out. Most professional bodybuilders & gym trainers recommend progressive weight training. 

This signifies that you will incorporate weights in your workout sessions as much as possible and gradually increase the amount. Unfortunately, most people ignore this fact. They don’t use them most of the time but also stick to the same amount for years. 

Is Treadmill Good for Abd Building?

Just like muscling any other body parts, your midsection responds well to gradually increased weight training. Increasing the weights over time rather than increasing the raps gives you a more defined look. 

Keep your raps under 20 if you want to pop out those six abs—instead, target weight expansion.  

Let me suggest a head start; for visible abs, start doing weighted supersets and tri-sets. Here you start your workout ( After stretching) with your most arduous ab exercise but incorporating the weights. 

For example, weights decline, sit-ups. But so it for like ten repetitions. Don’t forget to engage your core while working out. 

After that, follow it up with two other high rep exercises still using the weights. Like, leg raises with weights 12 times and then 15 to 20 stability ball crunches with weights. You can mix and match however you like. 

The essential thing here is to gradually incorporate more weights in your workouts as you get stronger. Over time you will see visible changes in your midsection and the whole body. 

Tricks and Cheats on abs Without Flexing

I am calling these methods tricks because they are not a permanent factor and not foolproof. However, they will give you that one-time satisfaction without much effort. 


Tanning is a process where you change the shade of your body to a more brownish look. You can get it on a tanning parlor or soak yourself up under the heavy sun. 

Note of caution, before going under the sun, wear appropriate sunscreen. The harmful rays of the sun can damage your skin. 

people are tanning to build abs without flexing
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Skin tone has an essential factor in how your muscles look. The darker your skin tone, the more refined your abs will look. For some weird reason, it is difficult to see abs on white skin. 

Soak up in the sun, get a tanning lotion or get a tan in the parlor to get visible abs without constantly flexing. But as I said before, the result isn’t permanent because tan lines will go away after some time unless you stay mostly out in the sun. 


The pictures of models and actors you see in magazines, newspapers, or the internet are mostly photoshopped. Apart from flexing the muscles during the shoot, they edit the pictures to look that way. 

Fitness magazines do them the most. So don’t compare your structure with them. However, like them, you can also photoshop your pictures. You can edit it however you like. 

You can even photoshop your picture to look like you have an app even though you are nowhere near it. Again this is temporary happiness. In real life, you don’t have that look. 


Oil makes your skin all shiny and glowy. This shine often makes your abs pop out more. If you already have defined abs, but it doesn’t come out without flexing, oil can be a good option. 

Continuously flexing is quite bothersome and challenging anyway. Oils give you a slightly darker skin tone look too. On many occasions and competitions, bodybuilders massage oil in their bodies to make the muscles look bulkier. 

You can use coconut oil or massage oil or any of your liking for this.


Is it harmful to flex abs constantly? 

It is not necessarily harmful, but you will get tired. And your muscles will become sore, and some people even hold their breath while flexing. You Can’t hold your breath all the time now, can you? 

Does holding the stomach tighten the core? 

Holding in your breath while sitting or walking won’t necessarily give you six-pack abs, but it will tighten and strengthen your midsection. 

Can regular walks flatten my stomach? 

Regular brisk walks can shred the fat all over your body. It is one of the best exercises to get a toned stomach.


I hope after reading the whole thing, you got the basic idea. However, the essential thing you need to get abs without flexing is dedication.  It is the only way. 

In my experience, I have seen many people quit in the middle. But if you are determined to do so and work diligently, then you will get results. 

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