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Dexcom G5 vs G6: Choosing the right option

Although there are a lot of good options these days, digital glucose monitoring still hasn’t reached the level of precision. That’s a real bummer. With that ...

Rapid Weight Loss After Hysterectomy: The Causes and Execution

We’re sure many of you may lose track right after you see the title of the discussion. Well, we can’t blame you for that. It’s not exactly an obvious thing ...

OmniPod vs. Medtronic: Checkmate or Stalemate?

The title of the content does seem intriguing, doesn’t it? Well, it’s because the comparison: Omnipod vs. Medtronic isn’t as simple as you may think. ...

Diabetes Nosebleeds: Is The Bleeding Connected to Diabetes?

So, you came back from an early morning jog, took a sip from your bottle and wiped your nose. But what’s the deal with the dotted red blood stains? Well, ...

Is Popcorn Ok for Diabetes: Knowing the Essentials

We all know that one issue that makes the life of a diabetic boring. And that’s diet restrictions. Being on a proper diet is a must for a diabetic. For a ...

Blood Sugar Won’t Go Down

We all know one thing: A diabetic doesn’t have the same control over the blood sugar (or glucose levels) as an average individual. Because of the ...